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Inspiring elegance and efficiency with innovative, quality designs, redefining spaces.

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Modern Office Furniture for all your office workspace needs.

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Premium ZYNG Red Gaming Chair | Long-Hour Sitting Chair Get your ZYNG Red Gaming Chair
Quickshop Experience gaming like never before with our Premium ZYNG Red Gaming Chair,... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Premium ZYNG Red Gaming Chair | Long-Hour Sitting Chair
Regular price Rs.32,500 Rs.37,500 Sale price
Nexus Executive Chair Nexus Executive Chair
Quickshop Experience ultimate luxury and comfort with the Nexus Executive Chair, featuring premium... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Nexus Executive Chair
Regular price Rs.29,000
Ivy Cafeteria Chair Ivy Cafeteria Chair
Quickshop Elevate your cafeteria with the Ivy Cafeteria Chair! Made with sturdy wooden... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Ivy Cafeteria Chair
Regular price Rs.19,500
Buro High Back Chair Buro High Back Chair
Quickshop Introducing the Buru High Back Chair - the ultimate blend of style... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Buro High Back Chair
Regular price Rs.21,500 Rs.24,000 Sale price
Nexus Office Sofa Nexus Office Sofa
Quickshop Upgrade your office with the Nexus Office Sofa! Made with a blend... Compare
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Nexus Low Back Visitor Chair Nexus Low Back Visitor Chair
Quickshop Elevate the style and comfort of your office space with the Nexus... Compare
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Serene Shell Chair Serene Shell Chair
Quickshop Introducing the Serene Shell Chair, the perfect modern addition to any space.... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Serene Shell Chair
Regular price Rs.26,999 Rs.32,000 Sale price
Casual Dining Chair Casual Dining Chair
Quickshop Elevate your dining experience with our Casual Dining Chairs! Featuring a modern... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Casual Dining Chair
Regular price Rs.13,000
modern executive table Ace Executive Desk
Quickshop Experience luxurious comfort and convenience with the Ace Executive Desk. Boasting a... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Ace Executive Desk
Regular price Rs.225,000 Rs.240,000 Sale price
Bloc Folding Table Bloc Folding Table
Quickshop   Looking for a desk that can save space while also providing... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Bloc Folding Table
Regular price Rs.45,000

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Modern and Sleek Designs
Stylish N Luxury Study Table Stylish N Luxury Study Table
Quickshop Get organized in style with Lunar Furniture’s Office Table! Featuring sleek designs,... Compare
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Ergo High Back Revolving Chair Ergo High Back Revolving Chair
Quickshop Enhance your work space with the Ergo High Back Revolving Chair! Designed... Compare
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Open Study Desk Open Study Desk
Quickshop Open Study Desk It is the right and factual study table or... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Open Study Desk
Regular price Rs.17,000 Rs.22,000 Sale price
Buro Chair Buro Chair
Quickshop Experience ultimate comfort and support with the Buro Chair. This Basic Mesh... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Buro Chair
Regular price Rs.18,500 Rs.25,500 Sale price
Mayor Office Sofa Mayor Office Sofa
Quickshop Lunar furniture is the topmost office furniture brand in Karachi. We manufacture... Compare
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Cozy Waiting Bench-3 seater Cozy Waiting Bench
Quickshop If you’re looking for cozy waiting chairs at low prices, then look... Compare
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Lunar Furniture Cozy Waiting Bench-3 seater
Regular price Rs.33,500 Rs.44,000 Sale price
Milie Office Sofa Milie Office Sofa
Quickshop Elevate your office with the Milie Office Sofa. Crafted with a sleek... Compare
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Tiffany Office Sofa Tiffany Office Sofa
Quickshop Comfortable Office Sofa Sets for Productive Workspaces -Lunar Furniture is the most... Compare
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