Lunar Furniture Expo, I had the privilege to visit the Expo Exhibition 2022 in Karachi organized by IAPEX and was very excited to be there. The three-day extensive Expo invited some of the most accomplished local brands to set up their stalls at the venue and display their product line. I had the chance to interact with different collaborators associated with the profession.



One of the stalls I visited was Lunar Furniture, a company that makes office furniture in Pakistan. They displayed a variety of styles to choose from including modern, traditional and contemporary furniture with an option for both customized and readymade designs. 


Service: The staff at Lunar Furniture are very friendly and helpful when you need any help regarding your choice of office furniture or other products they offer. I had great communication and the guys were super responsive to my queries, which made me feel like they cared about helping me find the right piece(s) for my office space.
First, let’s talk about the service of the company itself:


furniture dealing customer
Product briefing about furniture


According to the Lunar Furniture expo team, they offer shipping all over Pakistan so, regardless of where your office is located in Karachi, Pakistan, you can easily get a piece of furniture customized and delivered to your doorstep within a few clicks. And, if there is a specific fault in the furniture’s gear, just get in touch and they will replace that specific part free of cost. That’s definitely a plus!


Of course, I cannot verify those claims, but it’s nice to see that they are actually doing it. And trying to put the message out there.


Product Line: The product line is extensive and I really enjoyed browsing the catalog featuring necessary information and different office decor options. They have everything from ergonomic executive tables, customizable office workstations,



and visitor sofa sets to wall cupboards and bookshelves. There’s lots of nice work throughout each piece that just shows that there is just real attention to detail during the designing process, which I really liked. So, there’s something for every workspace.


One thing that stood out to me was the fact that they offer a complete range of office chairs. Also, they let me sit in one and it felt like I could have sat in it all day. Sure, the value is there!


I also noticed Lunar Furniture received many positive feedbacks from visitors at the Expo. One visitor who was a corporate client (standing next to me) said:


I would recommend this stall to others because this company offers good quality products at affordable prices. This means they are able to compete with larger companies in Pakistan who may be selling similar products at higher prices or only offer one or two styles when there are so many different customizable options available online and physically through smaller brands like Lunar Furniture!


OVERALL Impressions of Lunar Furniture, I think Lunar Furniture is doing an excellent job at balancing value, quality, and affordability. So, if you’re looking for a new desk or chair, this is the place to go. They’ll help you find exactly what you need, regardless of your budget or what style you prefer.


Regarding office chairs, also gives the opportunity of COD through daraz all over Pakistan this is this is a smart opportunity for those who want to satisfy by Lunar chair collections.


Every office now needs customized office tables, workstations, and ergonomic chairs and the brand has it all.


One of the best-customized office furniture providers in Karachi Pakistan.